Wrap up


Three months ago, our team gathered to choose the topic of our blog project. After getting to know each other and a long discussion, we found out that all our teammates are actually fitness enthusiast, and decided to Launch DigitFit. Now, this is the end and we would love to finally tell you more about the story behind this project.


Our group consists of very active sports enthusiasts, therefore, we had decided to write a blog related to health and fitness.  We have agreed on the name Digitfit, which is a short form of digital fitness.  Digit represents digital media, technologies, and anything that is digitalized, whereas fitness represents health and fitness.  The icon between the “D” and “F” of our DigitFit logo is a dumbbell that is standing vertically.  This dumbbell represents strength, support and motivation, which are the core values of our blog.

The colors of our logo were also chosen carefully.  Blue represents trust and strength because we are a group of fitness enthusiasts and we want our viewers to trust us.  Orange represents friendly, cheerful, and confidence.  This is the attitude and behavior we want to spread to our viewers.  Gray represents balance and calm.

We think that it is very important to have a great balance of everything in life.  This includes having a balanced schedule as well as a balanced diet.  Finally, it is important to point out that we chose a “reddish” orange because besides of being friendly, confident and cheerful, we also wanted to show our viewers that we are excited and youthful.

As a goodbye, we would like to share this last video about the annoying guys at the gym. Good luck for your workout and don’t forget to stay tuned & fit !


Writing this blog has been such a pleasant experience for us.  Not only did we learn a lot of marketing strategies of how to increase traffic, technical skills on how to function a blog, we also learned a lot about fitness apps and technologies .We learned and notice how rapidly fitness technologies have developed in the past decade.    Starting from just a simple steps tracker to a multifunction device consisting of a wide range of functions from tracking active time, steps, distance traveled, calories burnt to a sleep tracker, and silent alarm.  Through writing this blog, we learned the importance of health and fitness as technologies nowadays can help everyone reach their health and fitness goals more efficiently. Each time a comment was posted to any of our blog posts or whenever we had a new follower, we would get so excited! Now that we write our final post, we would like to thank each of you for your views and support in the past 3 months.  We wish you enjoyed and learned from our blog as much as we did.  Stay fit, healthy, and DigitFit!



3 thoughts on “Wrap up

  1. It has been a pleasure reading your blog both for the info and the suggestions! Good luck in the future and always stay digitfit!!! 🙂

  2. Hi !! What a surprise !! You stop ?? Sure, I will go on walking and having sport and activities thinking about you !! Have fun and keep on moving everybody !!

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