The Best Motivator! Or is it?

Somewhere in a room in the back of abandoned dumbbell factory, the crew from GymPact thought of their miraculous motivational tool. For those of us too lazy to get out of bed, off the couch, out of the bar, and into a gym; we need incentives.

Not traditional fitness incentives! We need something that motivates the earner in all of us. Why not cold hard cash? GymPact’s idea is to creat a marketplace for rewarding those who do work out versus those who do not by redistributing the wealth to the motivated individuals.

Sounds like a great idea right? Well not exactly… The app has a few different hacks in which someone can make use of the weak gps functionality of a smartphone. There are number of different articles on the internet that go over these hacks, I will not go into them. But if you are interested, here is one.

The main reason I am here is to review if it motivates you! First things first, the UI is quite functional and is well laid out. It also provides user with key stats right on the home screen. Just to clarify these financial incentives aren’t going to make you a millionaire. The rewards for meeting your workout can range from $0.50 to $0.75 per successful workout.

Well after a few weeks of giving this app a whirl, my findings are quite surprising! I thought that losing money was going to drag me into the gym. It really did not have any impact whatsoever. When I felt motivated to workout for health reasons, I did. When I did not feel motivated the financial incentives were not a big driver.

Many other blogs that reviewed GymPact came to a similar conclusion. If monetary motivation is the primary driver in making you workout, there are a number of other things like a minimum wage job that could produce greater payouts for the same amount of time committed. If monetary incentive is a secondary motivator then it might assist with gym visits but not be the leading cause.

Ultimately, I did not get motivated and further more I deleted the app. A true testament to the influence of financial incentives.


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