Fitness: Customized

We’ve previously introduced to you some of our favorite fitness apps. Today, we’d like to further inform you about some other great fitness apps that we think are different and very helpful, but most importantly where you have a little more control over the app and can customize some aspects according to your reference.

1. Six Pack Abs:

We’ll start of with an app called “Six Pack Abs” which includes nearly 20 core-strengthening exercises, performed by lifelike avatars in HD videos to ensure proper form and prevent injury. You can customize the app to include music while you workout so that you are motivated and entertained! If you want your workouts saved than you can choose “Connect to MyFitnessPal” and your workouts are automatically submitted to MyFitnessPal.

Bored of the 20 exercises and you want more variety? Go ahead and upgrade to the full version of “Six Pack Abs” to gain access to more than 50 abs exercises, six pre-installed workouts such as “Insane Abs” and “Six Pack Junkie”, and the ability to create custom workouts. If you want an actual six pack, don’t hesitate to get the digital “Six Pack”!

Cost: Free, upgrade to full version for $4.99

Available in: iTunes App Store, Google Play Store



2. Fitocracy Macros:

Fitocracy Macros is more than just a calorie-counting app. What sets it apart from other calorie-counting apps is the fact that Macros tracks only the calories you take in from macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs). This macro-centered strategy is designed to help prevent the low energy and hunger that other  diets cause. All you need to do is to type in your stats, body type, fit goal, how many calories are in the foods you eat and you’re ready! As you can see, it’s easy, simple and helps you control your eating habits and even reach your dieting goals. Cost: Free

Available in: iTunes App Store



3. Johnson and Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App:

This is also a fitness app that provides you with 36 exercises and13 predesigned workouts. The unique feature about it is the fact that it has a custom workout feature to help you design your own 7-minute workout. With this app, you get to choose the length of rest intervals, the number of times you want to run through a particular circuit, and even the music that you want to listen to, which you can select from your own personal music library. We love the fact that you can customize the workout that best fits you, and we’re sure that you’d also like to create your own routine!

Cost: Free

Available in: iTunes App Store, Google Play



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