Are you tired ?

As we all know, sleeping is very important, and a healthy life also means a healthy rest! You now know some apps to exercise, track your steps as well as your weight… But do you have an app to track your sleep? Here are my two favorite sleeping apps: Sleepbot & Whitenoise.

Whitenoise: the perfect atmosphere to fall asleep

Have you ever dreamt to fall asleep with the sound of the falling rain? Birds singing? Waves crashing? Have you ever dreamt to get the perfect atmosphere to relax before you close your eyes? With this amazing app, all of that is possible. You can choose your favorite noise, set a timer and an alarm to stop the song and wake up, mix your favorite noises (cricket + charms, rain + storm, airplane + train + clock…) and then choose the color of your clock and the brightness of it as your screen saver.



Sleepbot: the perfect night tracker

How long have you been sleeping? What did you say during your night? How efficient was your rest? Find an answer to all of these questions with Sleepbot. Create an account, go to bed, put your phone close to your head and start sleeping, that’s all you need to do! Set an alarm, this smart app will wake you up at the perfect time according to your night cycle within 30 minutes before your first alarm. You can then check the quality of your sleep day by day and see how it changed, as well as the noise you made, how many times you moved etc.




Both of these apps are available in the App Store AND Google Play! I really recommend you to try them! With this perfect combo, you can both enjoy a perfect song to fall asleep and track your rest to make sure that your body and your mind are enjoying every night!


5 thoughts on “Are you tired ?

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  1. Of course sleeping well is as much important as making exercise !! You can even fell asleep without exercise but you CAN NOT make exercise if you’re tired !! I’ll try the app with music and noises of nature… that will remind me something maybe… Good night everybody !!

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